How to become compassionate by understanding
your anger.

Anger is a call to action. It is fuel for the healthy, male psyche.

Unfortunately, men are taught anger is dangerous, that they must turn away from it.

But the anger doesn’t go away—it transforms into sickness. The sickness perpetuates the belief that anger is bad, which in turn renders anger as dangerous… Another self-fulfilling prophecy rears its ugly head.

In Man’s Guide to Anger, I show you how to recognize and understand anger. The extent to which anger has poisoned your life, it can nourish your life.

Anger can be an essential nutrient of your masculinity, when you know how to use it.

A few things you will learn from Man’s Guide to Anger:
• The only two causes of anger, and the only three things you can do with anger.
• What compassion is and why it’s essential for masculinity.
• A blueprint that shows you how to turn your anger into compassion in any situation.
• The relationship between anger and sadness, and how sadness affects your life outside of your awareness.
• How to understand the root of your anger.
• How anger is your tool to help you get anything you want.

Psychology has become a profession dominated by women… and men who may as well be women. They wouldn’t understand anger if it was a book of tofu recipes. The culture of psychology reflects this—it regards anger, especially angry men, in the same way Boko Haram regards a girl in chemistry class.

A professor of mine once scoffed that men only like to feel anger because it makes them feel powerful.


While earning my Master’s degree in psychology, I did more than research anger—I figured out how to make it useful. The result is Man’s Guide to Anger. No other resource summarizes, simplifies, and decriminalizes anger, giving you, for once, the ability to wrap your mind around it.

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